The day Pixelant & Resultify became Santa!

Everything started with an email inviting us to participate in the annual toy collection for: Kvinnojour, ATIM Kvinnojour, and BEM – Barn till ensamma mammor.

We received a list with 60 Christmas wishes and the idea was to pick some of them but… Pixelant and Resultify  management decided to make all 60 happen! 


This year has been a great one, both for Pixelant and Resultify. A year, where both companies grew and overachieved the goals set. What is the best way to celebrate this success? Giving back! 

Instead of receiving our traditional Christmas presents, Pixelant and Resultify donated a “smile” in the form of a toy per employee to this toy collection. 

60 toys that helped to reach the goal of 1000! But guess what? This goal was overachieved! 1209 toys were collected this year :)  

Thank you Malmö Arena Hotel, Mäster Johan Hotel and all the hotels that organised the annual toy collection. Thank you for letting us be part of it. 

We give our respect to Kvinnojour, ATIM Kvinnojour, BEM – Barn till ensamma mammor, for the extraordinary job they do every day. 

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