There are only winners here!

Malmö Näringslivsgala is over for this time and we are proud to have been part of it. But we would like to take this opportunity to talk about REAL diversity and what it looks like.

Let’s take a look at ourselves.

We are Pixelant, we are from all over the world but we are so much more. These days when the topic of diversity comes up, it is almost always implied that we are talking about ethnic and/or cultural diversity, but this is demeaning for all of us, as people.

Hence, we want to present you a different view of Pixelant.

The amazing range and diversity of Pixelant.

When stepping above diversity as an ethnic and cultural issue, you will find that at Pixelant we also have diversity in knowledge. For instance, we have skills in html, css, asp,  javascript, TypoScript, PHP, bash, Pearl, Objective-C, and AppleScript.

But wait, there is more!

Do you remember Basic and turbo Pascal? What about 6502 machine language? The fact is that the diversity of the programming “languages” we cover at Pixelant covers most standards used since 1975 and forward.

But we are diverse in more areas!

Did you know that when asked about exercise our colleagues practice more than 19 types of “sports” ranging from MMA to Argentine tango.  We also have a diverse set of allergies. Every time we order food for company events we have to consider the 11 different allergies people here have. But fortunately, cats and pollen are not pizza toppings.

Speaking of Pizza, we at Pixelant love cheese.

Now try to imagine a world where you only had the choice of one type of cheese for the rest of your life.

Would that not be a horrible world to live in?

That’s why diversity is so important to everybody at Pixelant. And we are talking about REAL diversity – not just the cultural/ ethnical stuff.

FYI – we like cheese.

We like everything from Bryndza to Västerbottenost. In fact, in our survey more than 20 different cheeses were name-dropped and more than one colleague wrote Gin & Tonic when asked about his or hers favourite cheese

Come talk to us about diversity, cheese or web. We have a passion for all 3!

Even if the focus of this particular text has been diversity and cheese, our main area of expertise is web-production.  You can always contact us for questions regarding these three topics!

Vill du veta mer?